Best Of Dirtier Debutantes Vol. 2, The

Released at: September 19, 2011 by Ed Powers Productions
If you missed the first go around of the series, you are in for a treat. It was about three years ago when Dirtier Debutantes was created. It was a slight departure from the original Dirty Debutantes series. More intense, a little more verbal with slang and dirty talk. More intense role-play but no hurt or harm, no bruises or tears. The girls chose the words and chose to go Dirtier, given the choice. The main thing is that they all had fun and left with a smile on their face. I have handpicked the people and scenes that stood out in the series. If you know my work you'll see the difference, but there are still plenty of blowjobs, pussy licking and amateur hotties! Please enjoy Vol. 2 of The Best Of Dirtier Debutantes. Love, Ed Powers

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