Bianca Hills 3

Released at: May 17, 2017 by Brazilian Trans Girls
Brazilian trans porn superstar Bianca Hills might be petite, but her dick is huge! She's definitely going to need your help as she grabs some Afternoon Delight. She talks dirty to you in English over the loud thud of her gigantic cock smacking against her stomach. She's wearing only a black choker and thigh high panty hose, so you can see her sex tan lines around her perfect breasts and asshole. She smacks her butt too, telling you right where she wants you to put your manhood. But she also knows you want to suck her off first. You want to play with her precum and lick the milk off her lactating titties. So, she licks it up herself and then jerks off and fingers her ass pussy just to tease you. You can hear her the rings on her fingers clicking together with each stroke. She pinches her nipples and moans as she brings herself closer and closer to the edge. At last, she squeezes out a nice milky load of lady jizz for you to lap up. Thanks for the helping hand, stud!

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