Big Gulp Girls Vol. 2

Released at: June 14, 2018 by Top Web Models
Today we have a special Holiday special Ms. Alex Tanner in the house to swallow a big load for us today at Big Gulp Girls! Now I know after watching this for about 4 minutes what you are going to ask...will she be spun around and deepthroated for Deepthroat Sirens? Well if I have my wish...fuckin' A yes! But let's hear what you guys have to say. But today we get to watch AT for the first time. Nice. Deepthroat...check. Cute...check. Strokin' and suckin to perfection...check. Big nasty mouth full of Big Gulp Girls cum madness...ah...check!! This Asian beauty from the Land of the Rising Sun is fresh off the boat, and when I say fresh, i mean she doesn't speak a word of English. The language barrier didn't stop her from giving one of the most enjoyable blow jobs I've received to date. She should be good considering she been blowing cocks since she was 14. I enjoyed it so much, I rewarded her with a load I've been saving up for 5 days! You can really see her struggle to get the whole thing down, but she did like a true champ. On top of her awesome blow job skills, she has this perfect supple ass, perky little tits and that creamy white Asian skin that I love so much. I'll definitely be having her back to suck my cock again real soon. Right from the start this half Asian, half German, and 100% amazing cum drinker wanted my cum down her throat as fast as possible. Casey took a few puffs then went right on her knees! I like a girl who gets down to business. It was clear that she knows how to suck cock. I can always tell. Those cheeks get caved in as she sucks my dick. That pretty much continued until I let her squeeze off my load into her perfect waiting mouth. Looks like it tasted good by the look on her face! The only thing better than cum swallowing to see her do it again! Hadley admittedly loves sex and loves sucking cock. Well now that sounds like our version of a Valentine's date. No chocolates needed. Just a Nothing says love like a good helping of cum! I've only had a few that are ring worthy. Behold Ms. Pristine Edge as she becomes an adoring Big Gulp Girl insuring a big gulp of salty semen will be displayed. Gulp Away. And come back soon for Round 2. Sexy assed Stevie Smith cobbles my cock with hardly any hands and a little 69. And when I do ALLOW her to use her hands she has those ever-so-cute nails. Yum. And yum is what she gets when I squeeze out a load into her waiting, cum-hungry mouth ready to swirl and taste-it-and-rate-it! She gave me an A+ on taste! Come back for seconds? Super amazing big tittied Noelle Easton sucking cock and guzzling cum for Big Gulp Girls! So you guys said show us some more big tits. Not only did we bring in tits..we brought in some of the best Everyone needs a little GFE. And if were talking prime GFE... Richelle Ryan is one I would want every day. Especially to take down a big gulp of jizz for us at Big Gulp Girls. Ass, tits, lips. Ass, tits, lips. Oh and she loves the taste and to gargle with semen. Who's with me on this GFE? Who's down for a little Mexican? Or should I say who's down a little Mexican cum drinker to get down, suck a fatty, and swallow a fat load for Big Gulp Girls. We're in. Our brown-eyed cutie Stephanie is 100% Mexican and 100% excellent at cock sucking and cum drinking! No better way to start off our week than a little South of the Border jizz drinker! This Boston-transplant pixie is just a perfect package. Y'all we like 'em petite, but this girl is not just petite, but a tight body with great legs, nice firm ass, perfect perkies and that smile...oh my. So this is Big Gulp Girls so you know that she is going to throw down some of my nice baby batter. But she had never played with cum in her mouth before so this was a first for her. I think my new ex wife did great! Let us know what you think. We'd love to have her back maybe for another Gulp or maybe to see if she likes to get cum in face for Facials Forever. Maybe Deepthroat Sirens but my little pixie has such a small tiny mouth and throat that it would be a true deepthroat if she could get my big cock all the way down! But I would not put anything past my new ex wife!

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