Bimbo Club 2: Atomik Boobs

Released at: June 24, 2008 by DORCEL (English)
Nimble fingers: A patient is relieved to greet a winsome masseuse who will know how to grant her all the lesbian pleasures. Grand hotel: By way of tip, Melissa presents the groom with a blow-job. But she keeps her more daring caresses for her official lover. Backhands for the players: Two young tennis players deeply appreciate their teacher when he introduces them to "backhands". Break: At the restaurant, a man leaves his partner. The waiter comes along to lead her to an explosive orgasm. The car washer: A young middle-class girl joins her chauffeur to enjoy his "cares", as from the front and from behind leading to a climax. In the lounge: A volcanic red-haired girl just has to appear to transform respectable businessmen into sex maniacs. Parallel: By the swimming pool, two couples are engaged in sexual exchanges in parallel.

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