Brazilian Queen Maria

Released at: July 11, 2015 by Iron Belles
Meet sexy and very spunky Brazilian Queen Maria. They say great things come in small packages; well, this one that no one should anger. She is adept in Brazilian Jui Jitsu and loves to dominate men, tie them up like a pretzel so they can't muster the strength to break free! And she is strong too! Watch her in action in this action-packed video where she performs fireman's carry and throws to the mats, then some incredible wrestling moves and holds all the while toying with her opponent. This sexy Latina's scissors are powerful and very uncomfortable. Her figure 4's are impossible to break.Her Brazilian jui jitsu skills are endless and then she belly punches to boot! Then she rewards him with kisses to his head. And when she reverse head scissors her slave, her ass is in his face and amazing! This poor submissive receives more Brazilian domination from this "Queen of Jui Jitsu." She adds in some head kisses, tease and denial, ass worshipping, belly punching, a surprise sequence of throwing her victim into a head stand and then face sitting him. Plus this small package is strong. She picks him up in a cradle and does some bicep curls with him too! Loaded with non-stop action and fun!

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