Bubble Butts #12

Released at: November 11, 2020 by LBO
Dildos in hand Christine and Teddy Austin are eager to get to the bottom of the "better to give than receive" question. It's a close contest with "to receive" leading by 12 inches . . . but wait; here cums "to receive" in the snatch. It's a photo finish. As Jerry and Ted'll tell you ... if you've got to aid a damsel in distress it helps if she loves like sexy Morgan does. Out of gas and stranded with her car Morgan convinces our heroes to give her a lift to a service station. They manage to find her long before they get to a gas station. Cosmo starts with a breast stroke, but switches strategy with a dive for Kauri's bottom. He laps her a few times but finds it a tight race to the finish. Kauri doesn't mind losing to a man who cums from behind. She was hoping he would take her in the end.

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