Bun Busters #19

Released at: June 1, 2020 by LBO
A "Dear Jane" letter drives poor Kerri to her favorite fruit, the banana - for sexual release. Fortunately she is saved from her fate by the arrival of Dick, who wastes no time using his "banana" and nuts to cover her split with cream... with plenty left over for her face. What a treat! Rodney's girl, Loni, comes home with a video box featuring him on the cover. She's pissed that he's been messing around in videos with other women. To make amends, he sucks out a few of her holes and allows her to suck on his rod. To make a long story short, he pumps her in a few of her favorite places before dousing her with cum. When Sam is on safari. It's more than wild animals he's interested in. So when he spots Pretty Victoria sunbathing in the woods, he takes the opportunity to get tighter with her. And there's no tighter place on her than her backdoor...!!! Sam is not one to leave any furrow unplowed. Did we mention wild? Victoria is an animal!

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