Call Girl Diaries 2

Released at: July 15, 2022 by Penthouse
A call girl's life is not just about hot sex and making money, it's also about providing a psychological service to your clients as well as yourself. Now sit back and enjoy the good, the bad and the satisfaction of being a Penthouse call girl! What is Alice (Bianca Breeze's) daily life like as a call girl? Pretty much like everyone else, she gets up late, goes to the gym, and has "appointments." Today Arthur (Ryan Driller) is her first "appointment." And he's looking for a little revenge sex ? his wife is cheating on him. Arthur can't wait for his revenge, and apparently neither can Alice, it doesn't take long for her pussy to be soaked. But first a blowjob before reverse cowgirl, doggy, and mish to pop all over her big dark beautiful bush! Revenge is so sweet! Sometimes the calls are not for sex, but romance. Take for instance Karla's (Kush) client - Damon (Dice) ? you'd almost think she was his long lost love. Rose petals, champagne, sweet talk... Blowjob, pussy eating, mish, doggy, cowgirl...yup that's romance! Then there's the corporate type who think they can have anything that money can buy, and money can buy a lot of pussy. Michael (Ventura) just closed a deal, but he's got another that's making him feel pressured. Fortunately, Luna (Star) knows just how to relieve that pressure and she's not very neat about it! After a very messy blowjob, pussy munching, mish, cowgirl, doggy and a pop, Michael should definitely be feeling less pressure for the rest of the day! Of course it's not always rainbows, once in a while you have a bad night like Karlie (Montana) who got picked up by an undercover cop. When Karlie ends up in the same cell as Jayden (Cole) who has never been in jail before she decides to teach her how it's done by making Jayden, her bitch. Jayden chose call girl as her profession not for the money but because she really loves fucking. Karlie's bad night just got better. At the end of the night after being with all her "clients" there is one thing that Nina (North) is really anxious to see, that is the face of her boyfriend, Aaron (Wilcoxxx). Tonight she's tired of being everyone else's fantasy and just wants someone to take care of her for a change. Aaron is more than happy to comply by munching on her shaved pussy, getting a blow job, doing cowgirl, doggy, and mish to pop all over her sweet smooth belly. I bet Aaron's fantasy was pretty close to Nina's!

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