Released at: August 9, 2007 by Wicked Pictures
Get ready for a sexually explicit blast from the past featuring some of the biggest names in the porn industry today! Director David Stanley has combined the spooky with the fulfillment of the deepest, darkest sexual fantasies imaginable! Amanda (Kaylani Lei) celebrates her birthday on a dark and rainy night with her boyfriend Charlie. After they make love and drift off to sleep, she wakes up alone. After searching for him, she goes to the bathroom and is caught in a surreal time warp where her apartment morphs into the same place - 70 years ago. Now it's 1937 and we see a couple there - Greg and Laura where we witness a strange scene of depraved sexual behavior. When Kaylani wakes up in her modern day apartment again, she thinks it was all just a dream. But her outlook changes when she meets a visitor from the past, Redman - a carnival barker from 1937. He helps put the pieces together so she can find Charlie and bring him back with the use a candelabra of some unusual magic they travel back in time and unravel the mysteries of this curious dimension.

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