Cecil Howard's Babylon Pink 2

Released at: March 12, 2008 by Command Cinema
****Recommended For Rental**** Cecil Howard's legendary films rank among the very best adult films ever made! AVN rates it 100%. Following years of unbroken triumph, Cecil Howard and Henri Pachard got together and turned the X-world on its ear with Babylon Pink... the film that got everyone talking dirty! Now... all the luxury and all the kink explode hotter than ever, leaving you breathless. ** Welcome to Babylon Pink 2** Senatorial hopeful Robert Bullock is hot on the campaign trail. Foxy wife Nikki Knights treats him to a tasty role reversal. At Robert's office, nasty Valley Girl Shanna McCullough and manager Jerry Butler plot to get the women's vote. Glamourpuss Ona Zee promises $1 million if soap opera star Sharon Kane endorses Robert! Who cares if Sharon is a real lesbian or just plays one on tv? Shanna doesn't. She wants Robert on the desk! Ona's servants Joey Silvera and Alexa Parks act up. Nikki steams and dreams of hot soap superstar Sharon. Jerry is offered a cool $1 million to entertain Ona while her husband watches. The sex is nasty, deep and relentless. This vibrant sexuality could only have come from the makers of Babylon Pink! Welcome to the very core of carnal experience.

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Ona Zee

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Ona Zee

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