Cheating: Under Her Nose

Released at: April 6, 2015 by 7th Street Media
We've all been there before. Your girlfriend comes home from work or shopping and brings one of her friends. She decides to shower or take a nap, and BAM, you're left alone in the living room with a smokin' hot chick with the sexiest accent you've ever heard! To your surprise, she's checking you out too, and even better, she starts pulling down your pants with promises never to tell your girl, who you've completely forgotten about at this point. The two of you bang with a feverish passion and after cumming all over her pretty face, panic sets in. You hear footsteps coming your way and you KNOW it's your girl. Clothes are put on faster than they came off and now you share a dirty little secret with her gal pal. And it all happened right under her nose.

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