Chunky Housewives

Released at: March 14, 2005 by Legend
__Le French Toaster__ Good husband Steven French is shocked when he discovers that his wife is a performer in chunky porno movies. Not so much because his wife is a whore, but because who really watches that crap. Nonetheless he decides to confront her on her choice of careers. Sometimes marriage is hard work. __From One Brother to Another__ Guy Disilva loves every fold in Lucki Chatworth's flabby figure. As does his brother, Dude. Now, Lucki is pregnant with Dude's baby. Will Guy forgive Lucki's betrayal? __I Can't Wait Till You're Black__ Chunky white slut Sasha thought she had married an angry militant black man, but it turns out she was wrong. Dwayne Cumminz is an Uncle Tom who has never even been shot once. Now Sasha wants a divorce. Can Dwayne convince her to stay? Will his black dick save the marriage? Tune in and find out, bitch! __The Trouble With Dino's Ass__ They say marriage is a lifetime compromise, and who is Dino Bravo to disagree. After watching his beautiful wife, Zenova Braeden, balloon up to the size of Texas, Dino has decided to stop trimming his ass hair for good. But now, Zenova won't toss his salad. This could finally be grounds for divorce.

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