Released at: March 18, 2016 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Too Hairy for High Fashion" featuring Claire & Rodney- Claire shows up for a fashion modeling assignment. But when she comes out of the dressing room in sexy lingerie, Rodney is shocked to find out that she's SUPER HAIRY!! She has more armpit hair than he does, and her leg hair is poking through her fishnets. Of course, her muff is super bushy. Rodney tells her he absolutely cannot use her as a model, but he would love to use her in a different way, that being to satisfy his secret lust for hairy women. Not only is Claire scary hairy, but she's also quite naturally busty, and Rodney is turned on by that as well. It doesn't take much persuasion for her to let him suck on her big boobs and chow down on that super hairy snatch. But this wooly woman also likes a big cock in her ass, and Rodney is more than happy to plunge deep inside her hairy poop chute. After all that sex, she's hungry, so after Rodney cums a ton all over her muff, he spoon feeds her the goo.

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