Claire & Cara At Your Service

Released at: April 10, 2015 by DORCEL (English)
Whether male staff or three sublime maids in uniform, everyone has a duty to obey every whim of the Madame and her husband. Devotion, obedience, perfectionism, but also beauty, sensuality, imagination, daring and perversion are limitless at the chateau ? and this is how employees are selected. One night, Claire leads Cara to her room. They are followed closely by the butler, but he has no right to participate. He must be content to watch these two bodies of goddesses intertwine; caressing, licking and give each other pleasure with large sex toys. Excited and frustrated at the same time, the butler is surprised to discover Cara trying to spy on him in the shower the next morning. The young maid starts sucking it with passion and greed before fully allowing the butler access. Every corner of the house contains its share of thrills! In the garage, the chauffer sodomizes his boss. In the living room, Claire enjoys dramatic and intense double penetration. Here, fantasies know no limits!

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