Collector 6, The: Tia Cyrus

Released at: June 6, 2019 by Bizarre Entertainment
2020 AVN Award Nominee Best BDSM Production Once upon a time in a dungeon far away lived a legendary Master of domination, a connoisseur of exquisite submissive perfection, an ambassador of humiliation, known only as, "The Collector". He and his evil apprentice, Master Thomas, wield infinite wealth & power, to demand total submission over any slave they choose. Searching for perfection and never being satisfied, the Collector is filled with rage and deep frustration towards his beautiful possessions. In this edition of the The Collector a dark haired beauty named Tia finds herself naked on her knees, gagged, collared and bound in the Collector's parlor of submission. She is being instructed on her present status as property of the Collector. Her first lesson is in cock sucking which she performs very well. She next learns posture and position control under the flash of the flogger against her soft white skin. Things get worse for Tia when she is commanded and taught to lick her master's ass. Her degradation is complete after being fucked hard and marked as a cum slave. Her only reward is a dose of her master's hot cum, which she must devour.

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