Couples Seeking Teens 18

Released at: July 14, 2015 by Reality Junkies
Kasey goes over to Dava's place because Dava has some extra lingerie she wants to give her. Kasey changing in front of Dava turns her on so much, she invites her husband to join in on the fun. Danica hired a hot new trainer to help her out with learning yoga. When her husband James passes by and sees how cute she is, he can't help but whip his cock out for some threesome action! Rachel and her husband go by Nickey's place to check out the house that's for sale. When they enter her bedroom and spot some sex toys on her bed, their evening takes a sexy turn. Brianna needs help on her school work so Nina comes to the rescue. Unfortunately she doesn't have enough money to pay Nina, so they come up with a nice compromise.

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Scene1: 00:03:21 - 00:37:16 (33:55)

Scene2: 00:37:18 - 01:16:37 (39:19)

Scene3: 01:16:39 - 01:49:48 (33:09)

Scene4: 01:49:50 - 02:21:17 (31:27)