Cum On Her Face - Tobi and Alexa 18

Released at: November 13, 2008 by Ray Guhn Productions
It is a party in Miami and Tobi and her horny band of slutty friends are about to take on the COHF gang. The girls (not the guys) begin by chanting "Gang Bang!, Gang Bang!" while on the COHF bus that is taking them to COHF Party! Once inside the clothes come off quickly and the girls warm up by licking each other while a crowd gathers round to watch the COHF gang begin to bang. They have to bring their A game because it wont be easy to keep up with the insatiable sexual appetites of Tobi and Alexa who just can't seem to get enough, even after they guys all come on Tobi's face. This is one of the wildest exhibitions in the history of COHF.

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