Cum Out On Top: Gianna Michaels Vs. Carmella Bing

Released at: December 17, 2010 by Reality Kings
Soon as you hear the ding, ding, ding of the bell, these babes are ready to put their heavy-tit belts on the line for a 1 v 1 (or threesome if you're lucky) to see who's the sexiest of them all! Reality Kings brings you 2 award winning stars as they get ready to duke it out for the top position! In this corner we have the sensual, seductive Gianna Michaels. You'll be blown away as she pounds her way through 3 hard, throbbing rounds that will leave you trembling and begging for more. And in this corner the reigning, sultry Carmella Bing! She'll show you just how badly she wants it as she takes it deep in her backside, getting rammed harder and harder each turn. They'll cum together in one final round, banging to be on top. Who'll make you CUM first?!

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