Daddy Likes 'Em Fatty 7

Released at: January 16, 2019 by Rodney Moore
Plump and jiggly babes are just what daddy wants! Get down with all of their curves! When sexy BBW Amy Villainous cums over to Step Dad Rodney's to work out at his home gym, she gets some bad news. Her boyfriend cheated on her! So, she's going to get revenge by sucking and fucking the first guy she sees. Lucky Rodney happens to be exercising at the same time, so she immediately pulls down his shorts and starts blowing him on the pull up bar! Then, she bends over the weight bench and lets him fuck her tight, wet pussy from behind. Her huge ass shake as he spanks and pounds her with his big dick. Next, he punishes his misbehaving Step Daughter by giving her a spanking. Her gigantic knockers ripple and she whimpers with each lash. Finally, he rewards his slutty princess by straddling her chubby belly and shooting a monster load of goo onto her tongue and tits. Big, beautiful girl Layla Moore needs step daddy Rodney to wake up and take her to the doctor. She starts touching his dick and sucking him balls deep. He buries his face in her humongous booty and eats her asshole. He slips his gigantic dick into her tight cunt. She moans as he fucks her against the bed and spanks her huge butt cheeks. He pounds her G spot and feels her fat pussy cum all over his throbbing cock. He keeps fucking her into post orgasm bliss. She screams so loudly from orgasming again that he has to cover her mouth. Then, he buries his face in her voluptuous ass some more. He jiggles it against his cock, then squeezes and slaps her breasts and floppy stomach. She cums a third and fourth time! She loves her step daddy's dick! Stepfather Rodney found out that his curvy stepdaughter Marilyn Mayson is a BBW Porn Star! He threatens to tell her mother, but sexy Marilyn seduces him into keeping her not-so-little secret. Mesmerized by her humongous breasts, Rodney decides he can keep his mouth shutor stuffed, rather, with her gigantic nipples. He buries his face between her enormous jugs and starts jerking his big dick. Then, Marilyn drops to her knees and starts sucking on his huge shaft before making her way to lick his balls. He just cannot get enough of her soft and cuddly body! Marilyn rubs her outrageously large titties all over his cock and balls. At last, Rodney straddles her chests and shoots his incredible load of man milk between her larger than life boobs and straight into her gorgeous mouth. Gorgeous BBW Aleah Paris failed a college exam, and it's up to step daddy Rodney to teach her a lesson. He puts his big butted babe over his lap and starts spanking her fat ass. Her juicy cheeks turn red when he begins to use the whip and flogger. When Rodney thinks she's had enough punishment, Aleah drops to her knees and starts sucking his big dick-just like she did for her previous step dad when she got in trouble! Rodney can't resist her chubby cheeks and slides his fat cock inside her mouth. Her humongous boobs bounce up and down as he fucks her face. He squeezes them, and Aleah plays with his balls until he shoots a monster load all over her lips and face.

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