Daddy's POV Pleasures 3

Released at: July 18, 2019 by Desperate Pleasures
**Bellah Dahl** - Step-Daddy, I'm so glad you came to get me from school for the holiday. I've been craving some alone time with you. I even wore these panties just for you!! Oh Step-Daddy your cock is so big it barely fits in my mouth. I wonder how it will feel in my pussy. Oh Step-Daddy you're stretching my pussy so tight I'm gonna cum. **Dani Arcadia** - I'm so ready to hit the pool and have some fun so you gotta get up. Ok fine, I know just what will motivate you to get up Step-Daddy. Let me start by rubbing that morning wood. Mmm ok, now lets get you nice and wet in my mouth. I love how hard you get in the morning Step-Daddy, I can't wait to feel you inside me. **Gia Lovely** - Step-Daddy, the baby is due any day now and you haven't finished the deck yet. Do I need to motivate you step-daddy? OK, I'm gonna suck your cock right here. It's hard to do being this pregnant, but you seem to enjoy it. Daddy you're nice and hard so i bet you wanna fuck me don't you? Ok Step-Daddy, I'll let you fuck my pregnant pussy! **Maria Jade** - Step-Daddy wake up, mommy's gone. You know what that means, I'm gonna get what I've been waiting for. That's Step-Daddy! I want your hard cock inside me and there's nothing you can do to stop me. I knew already you wouldn't put up much of a fight step-daddy. You like this young tight pussy on your cock, don't you step-daddy?!!!

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