Damsel In Distress 1102 - In Good Hands

Released at: April 28, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Grace was driving through an unfamiliar neighborhood - her attention more on a lively phone-conversation she was having with her girlfriend than on the road ahead. Suddenly an animal raced out in front of her. She swerved to avoid it, and ended up veering off the road and down a steep embankment instead. Over and over her car rolled, until it eventually came to settle as a battered mess in an out-of-the-way spot that hardly anyone visited. Although Grace survived the crash, she suffered a serious head-injury and blacked-out. The next time she opened her eyes, she found that she was lying in a narrow bed in a small room. She wore a gown, her head was bandaged, and a uniformed young man was stood at her side. Grace could barely think for grogginess, but she saw enough to assume that she was in a hospital. She took the young man to be an intern. Despite her poorly condition, she immediately asked him to explain what was going on. The young man filled her in on the car crash. He then revealed that she had been in a coma for nearly three months. It was his responsibility, he said, to nurse her back to health. Grace was horrified on hearing how much time she had missed. She tried to sit up. She wanted to get dressed and to go see her home, her friends, her loved ones. The young man told her to relax, and gently but firmly made her lay back down on the bed. He then produced a needle and injected some sedative into her arm. He explained that it was for her own good: to help ease her anxiety. Sometime later, Grace started to come round. As she slowly grew more wakeful, she realized that something was very wrong. She had been stripped naked, her bandage had been removed, and her hands had been tied down to a bed-frame on either side of her. The young man was leaning close, and he was greedily groping her big tits. Grace gave a distressed moan. She offered feeble words of protest, but could manage nothing more. The combination of her injury, her bindings, and the effects of the injection had rendered her virtually helpless. Through it all she was struggling to think. It was clear enough to her that she wasn't in any hospital, and that the young man was no benevolent intern. But she could not tell whether her predicament was real or nightmare. In a way, it did not matter. She found it equally disturbing, whichever it was. Presently, it only got worse as the young man pulled her bed sheets aside, and started fingering her pussy. Grace felt outright horror now. In a desperate tone she asked the young man what he thought he was doing, and once again tried to sit up. This time, with harsh impatience, he ordered to lie back. He repeated that she was taking care of her. Do you want to get better or not? he asked. It was a challenge rather than a question. Grace became intimidated. She was suffering in her predicament, but she was also very afraid of the young man. She sensed he could be very dangerous. Unable to think or act to her advantage, she broke into sobs and gave herself up to his mercy. Sadly, of course, he did not have any. After a while of toying with Grace's pussy, he pulled out his cock and put it into her mouth. It served two purposes for him. First, it got him off. Second, it shut her up. Poor Grace had no choice but to endure the degradation. With the young man's hand at the back of her head, his fingers locked in her blonde hair, she submitted to his pulling action, and worked her lips up and down his cock-length. Sometimes she tried to protest. Then the young man would grow annoyed. Once he spanked her tits with his cock. Then he made her wear a gag for a while. When Grace resumed sucking him off, she was much more docile - much more broken down from the way she had been treated. Later on, the young man parted her legs and ate out her pussy. Unhappy as Grace was, she could not help but give a brief of sigh of bodily satisfaction as his tongue lapped at her clit and probed inside of her. Another spell of cock-sucking followed. Then young man the climbed on top of her and fucked her long and hard while she lay helplessly weak and emotionally beneath him. On and on he bucked his hips forwards, pumping his young cock hard into Grace's defenseless pussy. The bed bounced and creaked beneath the two fuckers: the violator and violated. Grace herself barely moved. She did not have the strength or spirit to. Yet she did manage one big wince when the young man pulled his cock out of her and fired a thick, white streak of hot creamy cum at her face. An instance later, Grace broke into loud sobs. She felt she was in Hell. But there was so still so much that she did not understand. Where was she? Who was the crazy young man was holding her here. Would he ever her let go? What other horrors might be in store for her. Of one thing only was she certain: that she had paid an awful price for not concentrating on her driving.

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