Damsel In Distress 1317 - Paid To Punish

Released at: July 12, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Someone with a grudge against Dallas arranges for her to be severely punished. She is snatched from a parking lot, cuffed, hooded and thrown in the trunk of a car. After a long drive she is dragged out of the car and led down a hallway. Her arms and legs are fastened to something cold and hard. Someone pulls the hood off her head. She is cuffed to a bondage cross. She cannot speak because she has a ball gag in her mouth. He slowly unbuttons her blouse. She is helpless to do anything about it. He fondles her breasts. He slowly raises her skirt. She lost her panties at some point in her ordeal. He pulls the ball gag out. She begs to be released. She promises to do whatever her captor wants. He slides his fingers in between her legs and plunges them into her pussy. He steps away. She thinks it is over. He comes back with an enormous black dildo. It feels huge. He rams it in and out of her pussy. She cannot help but respond. He suddenly stops and steps away. The hood goes back over her head. Darkness. The next day she is tied spread-eagle on a table. Her tits and pussy are on display for him. He pulls on her nipples until she screams into her gag. He plunges his fingers into her pussy feeling for that mystery spot. He walks over to her head. He slowly unzips his pants. He pulls out his cock and places it in her hand and wraps her fingers around it. He makes her stroke him. He moves closer until his cock is inches from her face. He roughly grabs her head and makes her look at his cock while she strokes it. He stops, pulls out her gag and tilts her head. She knows what is next. He plunges his cock into her mouth. She tries to breathe when he pulls out. She chokes, she gags. Like last time, he suddenly stops. She awakens lying on the edge of a couch, head hanging off. She is disoriented. Her tormentor walks past her. He sits behind her. Again his fingers explore her pussy. She feels something cold and slick running between her legs. A faint vibrating begins. The vibrator goes in and out of her. His finger slides into her ass while he works the vibrator in and out of her. She is trussed up so she cannot resist. Finally, he pulls it out. She is relieved. He moves it back. The vibrator slides into her ass and then his fingers go into her pussy. She can feel them rubbing together through the thin wall. Once that ordeal is over he kneels at her head. He uses her mouth to get hard. He flips her onto her back and with no hesitation shoves his cock all the way into her. He fucks her hard. Her tits are bouncing. He continues until he explodes. When is this going to be over?

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