Damsel In Distress 429 - Withdraw

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Taylor's husband was the frontrunner candidate for mayor. Unfortunately he had made some enemies along the way. There was a faction that wanted him out because they could not control him. Threats did not work so they took more drastic measures. Taylor was climbing into her car one rainy afternoon when a hand clamped over her mouth from the backseat. She woke up laying on a blanket in a dark cold room. She cried for help and heard a voice from the other side of the door. The voice told her to face the wall and not turn around. She felt hands pull a blindfold over her eyes. The man told her that she must convince her husband to withdraw from the race. She said she would try but they said they were going to have some insurance. She was on her knees when she was told to open her mouth. She was surprised by a cock suddenly being shoved into her mouth. A hand held the back of her head and shoved the cock deep into her mouth. She could see camera flashes through the edges of her blindfold. She was being photographed giving oral sex to a strange man! If those pictures got out her husband would be ruined. She felt her dress being unzipped. She was completely stripped. More camera flashes. She was pushed forward on her hands and knees and the large cock entered her from behind. More camera flashes. She was being photographed having intercourse with a strange man. He rolled her over on her back and her legs were pushed in the air. He entered her again. More camera flashes. He was kneeling by her head. She felt something warm on her face. He had ejaculated on her face. She had never done that. Oh my, more camera flashes. This could never get out!

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