Debra's Sissyboy Domination

Released at: March 8, 2015 by Iron Belles
This Muscle Girl is meeting a little admirer of Muscle Women who is having her first session. "Wow" is all the little Chanel can utter as Ms Debra takes her off her feet and slams her against the wall and starts having her way with her. The two do a lot of kissing, wall body slamming, muscle worship and then Ms. Debra takes Chanel and slams her against another wall and makes her get on her knees...then it's Muscle Clittie in your face, in your mouth and hard head slamming of it at the same time! Deb continues to dominate her sissy slut by kneeing him in the groin, taking him to the mats and doing some intense face sitting. She then turns him over and finds his dick and plays with it like only the Great Debra can! Humping on it, body scissoring it, titty fucking it and then bicep jerking it. Ya just can't miss this one! Deb is doing a bicep jerkoff with her little playtoy and then takes him in a painful body scissor with her long muscular thighs and knee high boots. Ouch! She then does some very provocative face sitting making him suck on that big muscle clittie. Finally she does one of her infamous hand jobs with her strong hands and he has a very happy ending!

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