Decadent Desires

Released at: March 6, 2013 by DORCEL (English)
The wealthy and perverted Clanddi, owner of the luxurious manor, takes care of training her charming maids. She doesn't hesitate to put everything she has into teaching the pleasures of the flesh to these hussy trainees. Clanddi wants to try out her submissive employees and put their skills to the test herself. After she has brought them a super hung stud, Clanddi realizes with great pleasure that Cindy, Nasta Zya and Anna are real experts in fellatio and sodomy. After a taxing day of work, Tarra dreams that three men are pursuing her in the rain. She acquiesces to suck their huge dicks. It's futile trying to resist the pleasure, and Tarra ends up giving herself to them completely. When she snaps out of it, she finds her pussy dipping wet with bliss.

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