Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes #10

Released at: March 20, 2003 by Ed Powers Productions
I met this girl who enjoys the sexual company of other girls. I gathered together Anisa and Diva and fulfilled a fantasy for the girl I had met. Now you can meet Christina Clark as the true realism flows in her scene with the tow raven haired heart throbs. The question is: Do I get any? One thing I must mentions: This is different than any of the Debs series or Deep series because everybody does just what they want to do and very little editing has been made. I met another girl, this time in a Thai restaurant, the next day she's shooting a scene with me. Isn't that a story in itself, it's 1994 and people are still having sex? I have learned at least one thing while doing the series, you don't have to perfect of body beautiful to be interesting or sexually hot. Now you can meet Nadia from India. She's very different and yet so familiar, she's really a very nice person. O.K. who let the pro in? Jade East appears, self admittedly in her first video where she is herself and not playing a part. It's kind of an expose in a way. A look at a lady that has six years in the adult biz and believe it or not, I was supposed to shoot her six years ago, and so now is as good a time as any. Enjoy this volume and expect it to be different. It might not be for everybody and then again, who can second guess anyway! Enjoy Deep 10.

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