Diamond Collection 100 - Slave Girl

Released at: May 1, 2015 by Alpha Beta Media
Number 100 from Diamond Collection When the sheik entertains Casanova who knows what can happen? Life last night when the young, dark haired slave girl had just gotten down to her last veil! Casanova was so turned on he couldn't hide his pleasure!! And a slave girl is trained to act quickly in all such matters. But, can a sheik stay out of the fray in such cases? Two on one? Not only is it possible, they do it! Diamond Collection series 8mm loop featuring Johnny Hardin (as Casanova) and King Paul (as sheik). US filmed and published with European distribution by House of Intex Amsterdam Holland. This movie features threesome sex (1f-2m) filled hardcore sex, and double penetration in an Asiatic setting using Super 8mm techni-color, box lists 48 meter. **Ed. Note: be aware that this movie is Silent. It does not have sound.**

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