Dirty Debutantes #281

Released at: September 20, 2011 by Ed Powers Productions
The Russian mystique opens up for your eyes...Ed Powers introduces from Russia five ~~Dirty Debutantes~~ experiencing true, real, and honest sexual situations. If you've never seen Ed on his ~~Global Warming~~ tours, you are in for a treat! I've searched the world over for real ~~Dirty Debutantes~~...and now from Russia with love here is the first group: Svetlana - brought to me by her husband; Alexandra - from St. Petersburg and full of enthusiasm; Milena - from Moscow, is a bit nervous at first; and Victoria and Natasha - both from Moscow and out to have new fun. Victoria had so much fun she brought me her twin sisters! (Check out ~~MDD 282~~) One world...one series...the successful energies of ~~More Dirty Debutantes~~ and ~~Global Warming~~ have now combined. ~~Dirty Debutantes~~ is evolving! Please enjoy! Love, Ed Powers "Do svidanya"

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