Dirty Dirty Debutantes #1

Released at: June 24, 2002 by Ed Powers Productions
Welcome to the first installment of the World's Famous Dirty Dirty Debutantes. We start with spunky and vivacious Racquel Lace as she tears up the screen with her high voltage cum drenching moments. A scene Ed shoots alone with the camera on a tripod. Meet Stacy K, a lovely 19 year old college coed from the midwest with real and juicy large breasts. She allows Ed the pleasure of visiting her backdoor and he shoots his cum all over her backside. Don't miss exotic beauty Taboo as she cums in her very first anal scene. Her intense orgasm shakes the room. Action reality continues with a super hot scene with Paisley Hunter. This horny vixen swears she is in the business for the cock. And after you see her you will agree she is true. This is truly and Ed Power's collector's DVD.

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Scene2: 00:22:52 - 00:58:14 (35:22)

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Scene4: 01:29:39 - 02:09:05 (39:26)

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