Don't Tell Mom 3

Released at: July 13, 2021 by Nubiles
Maddie Winters knows she's got problems, but when she goes to see her new therapist she is more intent on getting her pussy pounded than on resolving her issues. Who cares if she likes to fuck older guys? Her therapist certainly doesn't since he qualifies for Maddie's attention. The way she's flashing her bare twat beneath her miniskirt and her hard nipples beneath her tight shirt, Maddie is obviously interested in banging her therapist and he isn't about to say no. He frames his proposition by saying he's going to fuck Maddie and keep her satisfied to keep her from engaging in risky behavior. Maddie agrees. Britney Light is seeing a therapist for her deviant thoughts regarding her stepdad. She selected this therapist because his methods are unconventional, but they work. The therapist starts by having Britney close her eyes to visualize the most sexually exciting scenario with her stepdad that she can and then describe it. Then he tells her to take off her panties and imagine the scenario playing out as she masturbates. While the therapist describes the salacious situation, he can't help but whip out his stiffie and start stroking it because he finds Britney and her fantasies so hot. Mia Martinez has invited her fitness trainer over for a private session. The hot Latina knows that her trainer has a girlfriend, but Mia is so attracted to him that she doesn't really care. She answers the door in tight booty shorts and a sports bra, then leads her trainer to the couch, where she strikes as many provocative fitness poses as she can think of to show off her luscious body and her flexible form. Then she intentionally does her initial exercises wrong to get her trainer's hands on her. Callie Black is studying with her tutor, but she's having trouble focusing. She loses cell phone privileges due to lack of focus, Then they move on to flash cards for sexual reproduction. Callie doesn't know any of the answers, but she has a question for her tutor: Why do her nipples get hard all the time? She pulls her dress down to show her tutor what she means, but he tries to get her to focus back on her flashcards.

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