Dream Girls: Real Adventures 127

Released at: March 29, 2010 by Dream Girls
Get ready for the wildest edition of Real Adventures yet! Real Adventures 127 is hosted by a luscious blonde named Meagan. Meagan has a gorgeous smile, fantastic ass, sexy little pussy and perky, natural tits. And Meagan is not shy about showing all of that to us as she takes us all over town and flashes publicly. From the city streets to the seawall by the water, Meagan gets naked publicly for all to see. While we are staring at Meagan's awesome everything she takes us on a whirlwind tour of tits, ass and pussies from around the country. First stop is to The Big Easy as we show you how crazy Bourbon Street can get at Mardi Gras. We then get to see our DreamGirls on Spring Break and how crazy they get in the back of an SUV. We then head down to Key West for their annual Flesh Fest where you are treated to a bevy of painted tits and hot naked women that could very well be your neighbors. Then it's off to Party Cove where our DreamGirls get naked on boats. We then take you behind the scenes where you meet a very flexible Amanda. We then head to an awesome bootyshake contest where everyone is a winner. After all of this it is only fitting that we go back to our condo and get our lovely hostess Meagan to masturbate for us with a dildo on our couch. Once she is finished, it is time for a relaxing bath where she soaps up her amazing tits and even more amazing ass. Real Adventures 127 is an instant classic!

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