Duchess Solo

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Playtime Plumper"** - Hot blonde BBW Vallery Vixen needs some much needed rest and relaxation after taking care of the kids all day. She is expecting the babysitter soon and tries to fit a quickie masturbation in. But Duchess arrives early and she hides the vibrator in the couch quickly. Vallery tells her she has got it easy tonight her kids are a asleep for the evening. So the very adorable but bad Duchess has time to kill. She takes a bunch of selfiesfor her boyfriend of her hot chubby pussy andhumongous tits. Then she finds Vallery's vibrator and decides to have some fun. She plunges it into herwanting hole. Hard to believe this sweet innocent looking BBW is masturbating in her bosses house! But she cannot help herself because her plump pussywants some action. She has an orgasm but, now herplump ass needs some loving. She fingers her asshole till she can't take it anymore and cums all over again!

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