Erica Campbell Pantyhose 2

Released at: April 20, 2011 by Playtime Video
In her second pantyhose tease for Playtime, the sexy Erica Campbell moves slowly as her sheer dress slides up to expose her round ass encased in sheer crotch Wolford pantyhose. "Are you touching yourself?" as she stands over you and her shaved pussy is visible through the sheer nylon. She slips off her strap heels and shows off her size 7 feet in the reinforced nylon. "Do you like looking at my pussy through the pantyhose?" Dress and lace bra come off and her huge 38DD natural tits swing free. "Are you worshiping me?" as she towers right above you. Super nylon ass and crotch close ups before the pantyhose come off. Sweet! Next, in a short plaid skirt and tan sheer crotch pantyhose, the tease continues. After a hot foot tease, Erica spreads her shapely legs wide "I like it when you look at my pussy" she purrs. Skirt, top and bra off as she poses in just the pantyhose, grabs the camera and takes you alone into her bathroom and hold the lens onto her crotch. "It's all for you" she coos. She peels off the hose as she shows off her sweet pussy. 3rd scene, Erica lets you know how pathetic you are as she bends in a red thong body suit and black sheer pantyhose. "Only real men get to fuck my ass!" She teases you for owning a blowup doll and being a jerk boy. She stands over you, unsnaps the crotch as her cotton panel comes into full view. She gives your little cock a total pantyhose tease so you can jerk off to her. She pushes her round ass into your face as she's totally disgusted with you "you useless piece of shit!" Hose off, she pumps and throws the hose in your face. Damn! 4th scene, Nurse Erica wants to cure what ails you as she spreads her legs to expose her pussy through white Wolford pantyhose. Great up shots as she bends and stretches and gives you a hot nurse foot job. "I bet I have something tight and wet that will make you feel better." She pulls off the uniform and bra, grabs the camera and gives you a sweet close up. Hose off as she now has your balls drained. Hot fucking girl!

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