Erin Greene & Becki Butterfly

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Big Belly Bangaroo"** - Rodney is in heaven today because he's right in the middle of a hot BBW sandwich featuring the gorgeousErin Green and Becki Butterfly. Rodney fondles the big boobs of one babe while the other strokes his cock. He worships each one's beautiful belly by burying his face in-between their flubs and banging their belly holes in turn. Then together they suck his cock and fondle his balls. The girls get on the couch and Rodney fucks both their pudgy pussies. They get on their hands and knees, shaking their big booties in Rodney's face. He bangs them both from behind. More cock sucking is followed by more hot and heavy action until Rodney leaves a hot sticky mess all over Becki's tummy. No need to get a washcloth though, Erin handles the clean up. She licks all the spunk off of Becki's tummy and tits and feeds it right back to her.

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