Everyone Loves Massage

Released at: June 22, 2021 by Fantasy Massage
Asian masseuse Kalina Ryu dresses up in a sexy nurse costume to indulge her client Talon in his erotic roleplay fetish. A specialist in Italian massage, Valentina Nappi fucks her client T. Stone in a sexy blue string bikini. Little horndog Robby Echo rubs his cock vigorously while holding onto a pair of his stepmom's underwear. He smells the sweet scent of Alyssa Lynn's panties, not noticing her walking into the room and catching him in the act. Kinesiologist Blair Williams is going to give Anya Olsen a back massage while Blair's husband Aaron Wilcoxxx spies on the scene. Whie Blair has gone to get some massage oil, Anya decides to use the phallic shaped centerpiece as a dildo. Until Blair catches Anya and Aaron masturbating. Angry, she asks Anya to finish her husband.

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