Facesitting Assault

Released at: July 10, 2006 by Roman Video
Part 1: Mistress Brooke Haven looks so fucking hot in this video and has evolved into a very dominant Mistress using her slave's face and tongue to service her orally until she is done with them. Brooke has her slave over for some totally NUDE FACESITTING and ASS WORSHIP but first she leads him around the room by leash and collar, making him keep up with her while KISSING HER ASS! She walks faster and slower to confuse him and make him work harder at worshipping her ass. Next she bends over and sticks her ass out and makes her slave WORSHIP HER ASS, kissing it, licking it, rimming her asshole and sucking her pussy! A GREAT POV scene follows where she instructs YOU to worship her incredible round bubble butt, telling you to lick and kiss each side of her ass cheek. Incredible scene. Brooke throws the slave onto the bed and begins for SMOTHER and FACESIT him forward and reverse, RIDING HIS TONGUE making him keep it out so she can BOUNCE on it! Brooke moans louder and louder instructing her slave to service her pussy and ass, controlling his breathing the whole time. She has orgasm after orgasm in this video! One of the best scenes we've filmed we've ever filmed with her. Part 2: Sexy Brazilian Mistress Sofia has her slave over for some NUDE FACESITTING AND ASS WORSHIP. Her incredibly toned and tanned body will make you drool once you see her in this sensual sexual scene! This scene is more about her slave orally servicing her pussy and ass while she gets pleasure from smothering him. Sofia sticks her ass out to have it worshipped and the slave kisses, worships and tongue fucks her ass. Watch Sofia pull the leash to get his head deeper into her pussy and ass! She throws the slave to the bed and mounts his face forward and reverse facesitting him riding his tongue while she bounces up and down on it! Hear her moan louder and louder with each passing moment until she EXPLODES ON HIS FACE! She makes him worship her pussy and ass sliding his tongue back and forth, smothering him in between times of licking to remind him of his worthless existence! Sensual ass licking, pussy worship, nude facesitting follow with Sofia having orgasm after orgasm! Very sensual and erotic facesitting in this scene that we've never seen before. If you like sensual facesitting combined with ass worship, this is the video for you. Great chemistry between the Mistress and slave made this one of our best videos ever.

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