Fake Agent UK Presents - Carla

Released at: May 4, 2016 by Fake Agent UK Clips
I think my mate Jon, the taxi driver may well have come across my next interviewee. Carla was looking for a career change due to an experience she had with a taxi driver who'd offered her sexual payment for a fare that she couldn't pay. Now the sneaky little taxi driver had filmed all the sexual acts on camera and bunged it on the internet. Good lad. Normally this would have a profound effect on most people, but with Carla it had the opposite. She fucking loved it, and wanted to get into hardcore porn. Well, she's certainly going to get fucked here today, in more ways than one. Carla was cute, mid twenties, brunette, slim with great natural tits. Perfect for porn. As she already wanted to do porn I didn't have to do much selling and got her to strip off pretty sharpish. What a cute little frame on this bird, lovely skin tone and perfect little pussy. I soon got my fingers to work getting that pussy all moist and wet, and even got a cheeky little finger in her arse. Then it was onto cock sucking skills, which she ain't bad at. Knows how to work the cock, but does have a bit of a gag reflex going. 8 out of 10 for effort though love. Then it was onto the fucking, it was time to get little agent wet. I fucked her in a few positions and she sounded like a bison being pulled from quicksand. The noises she was making sent tingles into the sack sergeant and all my salty soldiers were on red alert. Defcon fucking 4. It was definitely time to whip out the meat hammer from her pussy and stick it right in her face. With a couple of deft strikes the troops began to mount an all out sperm assault. It was downright messy let me tell you. Wow, spunk everywhere. Well, job done. Was thinking of calling her a taxi, but that may have pushed it too far. -- Fake Agent UK

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