Fake Agent UK Presents - Lola's Casting Couch Video

Released at: October 6, 2020 by Fake Agent UK Clips
Ahh, it was good to be back in Mother England, had a good old fry up ready to give me a bit of energy for today's offerings. It doesn't take too long after placing an ad in the local rag before the phone starts to ring off the hook. Today's booking was pretty special. Lola turns up, on time and she is super cute, petite but with a great pair of natural tits and harboring a bush pussy. What I like, I like it a lot. With the prospect of a minimum of 2 grand + extras as she does threesomes and is getting into anal, she stripped off sharpish. What a body... Perfect. I wasted no time in getting her to warm up as I was desperate to get my helmet shoehorned right into her arse. Like I said, warmed her right up with a bit of finger play and then got my cock onto the job, pussy style. Banged her in a few positions and prepped her arse with my fingers. Then I got down to business slipping my throbbing mass gently up her back passage. God, it felt good, tight, and hot, I was in heaven. I had to really be gentle with this arsehole as it was really tight. After maneuvering her into a number of amazing positions the tightness got to me, so I had to pull out and get her to wank and suck me off. She wasn't quite expecting what happened next... My cock erupted huge sprays of cum, the likes of which the London fire brigade would have been proud of, absolutely drenching her entire face in cum. What a mess. I'll be taking out shares in kleenex at this rate. Enjoy.

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