Fantasy Flings 2

Released at: May 9, 2015 by Wicked Pictures
Fantasy Fling is the realm where every man's fantasy can absolutely be made into a reality. Rodney Moore is up to his tricks again, talking beautiful women into doing things that men only dream of! **Peeping Pricks**: London and Guy try to pick up Melissa and fail. Guy grabs his video camera and tries to sneak a peek at Melissa. While watching the footage they receive and unexpected visitor, or do they? **Footsie Flasher**: Marilyn is flashing her cute little body when she is found by Lucky Rodney. An exchange takes place. He then proceeds to fill every one of her holes. **Off The Boat**: a Chinese virgin meets her pen pal and his beautiful roommate. The roommate introduces her to love American Style. **Car Fucking**: Rodney is up in the mountains admiring the view, when he comes across a car trouble motorist he keeps her company while she keeps him more than occupies. **Geisha Bathing**: Rodney gives a Thai girl a bubble bath. She doesn't speak much English but she knows how to use her mouth.

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