Female Agent Presents - Cecille

Released at: March 22, 2015 by Female Agent Clips
Cecille oozed sexuality like a sponge full of pheromones the moment she walked through my door. I knew that this girl would be loved by my business partner, Jim, as well. She's been in the industry for 2 years so I explained to her how my own agency does the casting video so, my clients can see her without any airbrushed photos and how she looked in real life. She seemed OK with the idea. Then she mentioned she loves anal in her private life and I was speed dialing Jim straight away after she agreed to an anal boy/girl casting video also. But first it was my turn. Cecille is a short girl with a very pretty personality and a body to match. Pert, sweet little tits and a very nice looking pussy and as I mentioned earlier there was just something about her that was so damn irresistible it had my knickers shrinking and clamping round my own lips like they were made of cling film. I tasted her delicious pussy and finger fucked her for a while, her pussy tasted so sweet and she had a ferocious appetite for anything in the bedroom. Knowing Jim would arrive soon however I decided she could get her pleasure then and it was my turn. I shed my clothes like a sexual snake getting rid of its useless skin and let her slip inside me with fingers and tongue. She was very good and I was soon pounding on the door of 69 Heaven Avenue as I climaxed and shuddered to an amazing orgasm. Before I knew it Jim was there and his cock was soon so far down her throat I thought he was going to bruise her lungs. She showed some amazing deep throat skills and before I could blink he was balls deep into her tight french twat. I could sense his urgency as he soon had it up her ass and what she said was true, she truly did love anal sex. Cecille loved every inch of his bendy swordsman going up her back alley and I sure she came several times. This was too much tight ass action for Jim and he was soon back in her mouth before shooting a load of cum all over her face and chest, I think some landed next door as well, the power of the ejaculate was so strong. An amazing casting with an amazing French girl who clearly knows how to do everything and anything in the business, she'll do well if she finds the right agent. -- Female Agent

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