Female Agent Presents - Sophie

Released at: May 17, 2015 by Female Agent Clips
Had a delicious dream last night that involved me and the other 2 female agents and lots of toys that left me soaking wet in the morning like I had dew on my pussy. So I was more and charged up with horniness today and more than happy to grind my face on whatever lovely young woman appeared on the casting couch that day. When Sophie came in I was surprised by how slim she was. I think she is the slimmest woman I've had on my castings to date. Nothing wrong with that though, she was a little waif waiting for me to explore and taste her. She wanted to change agencies like I needed to change my knickers and she was used to doing mainly boy/girl work. It wasn't long before I had her doing a casting video, which she agreed to quite quickly when I think about it, using the pretense that as she had little girl/girl experience I needed to see how she performed. Soon we were kissing and then I was on all fours as she licked my pussy from behind. I wanted more though so before long I was grinding down onto her face with my pussy as I had an amazing orgasm. She may not have much experience but she learned fast. It was my turn then and I brought her to an amazing quiet orgasm with one of my favorite toys. I liked the fact she wasn't too porny and she was clutching the pillows like a sailor to a life raft as she got swept up in the things I was doing to her pussy. An amazing casting with a beautiful girl, another great day at the office. -- Female Agent

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