Female Agent Presents - Tony

Released at: February 21, 2015 by Female Agent Clips
Wow, just wow. The first thing that I have to tell you about Tony is that he keeps a weapon of mass destruction tucked between his legs, a cock that's 23 centimeters long. That's right, 23 centimeters. This guys dick is so big if it entered a big cock contest it would come first, second and third. It's so big it still has snow on the top of it at summertime. The length was impressive enough but the girth is also amazing; it's thicker than a nuclear bunker door. I've never seen such a big cock and it's certainly the biggest we've ever had here on the casting couch. I must admit that when he first told me the size I didn't believe him, we have guys coming in here all the time over exaggerating the length of their cock, but he was telling the truth all along. I had a hard time posing him questions as I couldn't stop thinking about the length of his cock and it was actually making me nervous. In the end I had to see it and I asked him to reveal all for me. He pulled it out of his pants like a ships anchor rope and there it was in all its glory, a beautiful, handsome, massive cock. I had to test this beast out and the first task was to see if I could fit it into my mouth. It was a jaw breaker and that's no joke, there was no way I would get even half of his length into my petite mouth. After sucking on it for a little while I had to test it out. I was actually nervous at this point, I was afraid he might unintentionally hurt me with his elephants foot. But he was as gentle as a lamb and knew exactly what he was doing. I tried his dick in as many positions as I could, it had me sweating and grunting with pleasure, I've never been fucked by suck a big cock before and it was an absolute pleasure. I even let him cream pie me and as he grunted I felt his thick cum blast and wash over my vagina walls, like a spunk avalanche. It fell out of me with a thud, an amazing cum shot from an amazing cock. -- Female Agent

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