Female Agent Presents - Vera And Jane

Released at: December 29, 2019 by Female Agent Clips
Vera is a stunning woman with a great body and an infectious personality. She is also of a rare breed that will try anything once as she's up for new experiences and welcomes the challenge. I knew she was mine for the taking within the first few minutes of the interview. Pretty soon I was gazing at her marvelous body as she posed naked for pictures and then came the knock on the door. Jim, my boss, was checking up on me to see how I was doing and it soon became apparent he wanted to double up on the casting video. Why the hell not? We started by kissing together, Vera and I, and then she began to eat my pussy as she touched herself, hands and mouth full of pussy. Jim's hand soon came snaking in and replaced hers and before we knew it he was ploughing into her form behind. Hearing her gasps of pleasure as she sucked on my amazing tits was making me so horny and wet I was struggling to contain myself. Jim then fucked her in reverse cowgirl as she continued to feast on my breasts and then he bent her over the couch and fucked her deep and hard. It wasn't long before he was whipping his condom off so he could shoot a gallon of Jim juice all over her pert ass cheeks. Another amazing casting and I think Jim is impressed with the way I handle the potential victims. Stop reading and start watching, you won't be disappointed.

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