Femorg: Ariadna Moon " The O Bunny"

Released at: May 11, 2015 by Femorg
Ariadna Moon is not "the O Bunny" for no reason ... she is likely one of the most multi-orgasmic women we have filmed! She just rocks out one orgasm after another, her pussy contracting and pulsating all the way. I lost track of the number of orgasms she had in the first scene alone. Needless to say, this title really is one for the true orgasm lover's collection. Long legged Ariadna Moon is seated in a chair all dressed in white ... there isn't very much to "all dressed" though - a sexy skin tight white top with lace arms, and a pair of appropriately matching white panties. She is pretty quick to remove her top to expose her small natural breasts, which she promptly begins to caress. Her caressing continues over her entire body as she shows us what she has from different angles, before settling on her crotch. Ariadna then slips her panties down her long legs and over her feet, exposing her smoothly shaved pussy ... she puts a little saliva on her fingers and lets them do the walking ;-). Part of her "act" is to hiss and pant as she took of her clothes and show off her body parts - she clearly has done this quite a few times. But all of that changes once she breaks out the Hitachi magic wand! Her "act" shifts into "real" mode as she edges a little too far and has a little orgasm ... after a very brief pause, she puts the wand back onto her clit and rocks out a second, big orgasm, her pussy popping and pulsating all the way. But she isn't done yet, she puts the wand back and cums again ... and with her feet in the air, she does it yet again! And again! Talk about one truly multi-orgasmic babe! And she is STILL not done ... but now she keeps taking the wand off her clit just as she cums - she must be getting a tad sensitive. I've honestly lost count of how just many time she came in this scene. Absolutely incredible! Ariadna is now standing in the kitchen wearing a very short, pink skirt and a black top. She knows just how short the skirt is as she bends over to show us her panty clad crotch underneath ... she really is a tease! Ariadna peels her top off over her head, once again showing us those lovely natural breasts ... she turns around and hikes her skirt, showing us her perfectly round ass. She pulls down her panties and giggles as they get stuck on her feet ... all the while giving us a little show of her nice pussy from behind. After she takes her skirt off and gives us some more views of her nice body, Ariadna sits on a bar stool and starts to rub her pussy and clit with her fingers to warm things up a little. She then stands back up, turns around, puts one foot up on the stool and continues to rub her pussy - very nice angle and view!! The camera moves virtually underneath her, further enhancing the perspective :-). After a bit more rubbing, Ariadna turns on the Hitachi again ... on low power ... and that's enough to rock out a butt puckering orgasm while she is still standing. Very, very nice! With weak legs, Ariadna turns around and sits on one stool with her let up on the other. She puts the wand back onto her clearly engorged clit and edges for a while ... taking the buzzer off just in time, and showing a few "nearly there" contractions. Very sexy! She eventually lets herself cum, and keeps the vibe on her clit all the way through as she came and came. But in typically Ariadna fashion, this was not enough ...the wand goes back onto her clit for another ... she is now at the point where she takes the wand off just as she is coming ... she sits up, plays a little more, then turns off the wand. Her pussy is nice a flushed after this! Wearing a bright floral skirt, a red top, and bright red lipstick, Ariadna does a little dance and looks quite pleased with herself! She take off her top, and for the first time I noticed that she has quite the scar on her shoulder! Ariadna hikes her skirt - no panties! She makes sure to show off her goods from all different perspectives, spreading her ass cheeks along the way! Her pussy lips look nice and soft and floppy too. Ariadna sits in a chair, lifts up one leg and starts her warm up with her fingers again while giving us a perfect view of her "assets". But that doesn't last very long ... she has her sights set on the Fairy Mini wand vibrator, and is surprised at its power when she turns in on! She wastes no time in applying the buzzy toy to her clit, jiggling it back and forth. The vibe really buzzes everything down there and we can clearly see her pussy lips shaking with the vibrations. Ariadna increases the power on the vibe a little as she brings herself close to orgasm again, clearly edging once again. I'm not quite sure what happened there though as she rather abruptly turns off the toy after a series of pussy contractions that did not look real ... when now know exactly what she look like when she cums as she's had a bunch of orgasms so far, but this one was a little iffy. Ariadna Moon is now seated at a desk and wearing a print dress. She pulls down the top of her dress to show off her fabulous breasts ... no bra. She lifts up the skirt of her dress to show of her pretty pussy ... no panties. We're OK with that. Ariadna takes her dress of entirely, sits back on the desk chair and selects the Fairy Mini wand again, promptly putting the buzzy toy directly on her clit. She shifts to face the camera, lifts up her legs to show her sock-clad feet, lubes her pussy with some saliva, and then starts to jiggle the vibe as her panting increases. She abruptly pulls the vibe off her clit for a second, puts it back, and repeats the action. Ariadna really cranks the up the power of the toy - it is virtually screaming as she cums with nice big contractions! Yeah - that's the Ariadna we've come to know and love! She stands up - the toys still screaming, and gives us an "underneath" view as she rocks out another orgasm with the toy ... and another ... and with lots of pussy contractions, she works herself to another ... and another smaller one ... good golly! Ariadna is totally sated as she turns off the toy and sits back down on the chair.

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