Femorg: Karla Alvarez "Caliente!"

Released at: May 11, 2015 by Femorg
This was the first shoot ever for Karla Alvarez. She was a little nervous to start with, but this hot MILF got past that very quickly ... She had never used a vibrator before and really enjoyed buzzing her pussy and clit, masturbating to several nice pussy pulsating orgasms. Karla Alvarez had never done anything like this before, and was rather shy in front of the camera. But she really doesn't show it as she sits on a white leather chair, wearing just her sexy blue lingerie! She caresses her body with her hands, with special attention to her pussy as she pulls aside her panties. She reaches up to play with her nipples, which she pulls out from her bra ... they respond nicely to her stimulation. Her fingers move back to her clit, pausing only to get a little saliva from her mouth ... Karla is getting more comfortable in front of the camera and removes her bra, revealing her soft, natural breasts. After some more pussy play, Karla removes her panties and continues fingering her pussy and playing with her nipples. She had never tried any kind of vibrator before this movie, and was excited to try the pocket rocket! She first up the powerful little buzzer and instinctively knows to put it on her clit ... she rubs her clit with it in an up and down motion as little moans escape from her mouth ... she is getting close now ... with slightly louder moans and without breaking her rhythm with the toy, her pussy starts contracting and pulsating as she finds her orgasm! Shes a bit sensitive after that, but is all smiles as she sits back up! Lying on her bed in pink lingerie, Karla has her ass towards us and her panties tucked in her crack and tight over her pussy mound. She goes up onto her hands and knees, pulls aside her panty crotch and plays with her pussy and spanks her ass cheeks! She is clearly much more comfortable now and is more playful, showing us just what she likes. Her fingers find her pussy by pulling her panties aside just a little ... she finger fucks herself, spanks her ass some more, the plays with her pussy again. Karla turns around and kneels on the bed as she removes her pink bra, releasing her large-ish natural breasts. Her nipples are perky and hard as she keeps rubbing her pussy while kneeling on the bed. Lying back on the bed, she lifts her legs into the air and continues playing, before taking off her panties completely. She has a purple smoothie vibrator handy which she buries into her vagina. She still has the pocket rocket nearby - she wants to feel something inside of her as she buzzes away at her clit with the mini vibe! But that doesn't last ... she extracts the smoothie from her vagina and concentrates on putting the pocket rocket to good use. Youll notice that she has the toy upside down - she did this as the other end was too powerful and would have made her cum too quickly ... Karla switches back to the smoothie for a bit, then back to the pocket rocket before eventually succumbing to her orgasm. Her pussy got nice and juicy with this one, and she seems very happy after this one! It looks like Karla Alvarez is wearing a wig in this scene! She is also wearing a red bra and panty set ... this was her first ever scene. She plays with her breasts and pussy while kneeling on the bed, and the camera zooms in for some nice close-ups as she frantically rubs her pussy ... nice squishy noises!! After some more keeling pussy rubbing, Karla turns around, bends over, pulls her panties aside, and continues rubbing her pussy with her fingers. This is how she normally does it - no toys, just frantic finger rubbing! Her panties are starting to get in the way, so Karla peels them off and lies on her back as she continues to frantically rub her pussy and clitoris. Now completely naked, Karla plays with her breast and nipple with one had while her other continues its "work" on her pussy. Karla is completely warmed up now and is ready to move on to the pocket rocket :-). She first up the toy and uses the "correct" end on her clit this time. She is so fired up after all that pussy rubbing that the toy overcomes her very quickly, sending her pussy and ass into rhythmic orgasm contractions as she pants and moans and hisses. Nice orgasm! Karla turns off the toy and bubs her pussy a little bit more, digging her finger deep into her vagina for her moisture. Shes smiling and happy once again! I think this "masturbate to orgasm" thing is something she quite enjoys! Looking really pretty and sitting on a bed clad in white sheets, Karla caresses her body with her hands. She is wearing a black and white print top and black and while spotted panties. Karla gets up onto her knees, sticks one hand into her panties to play with her pussy while her other hand extracts a nipple from her top. She turns around and gives the camera a rear view as she continues to play with her pussy, bending over to give us an even better view! After some more doggy style pussy play, Karla pauses to peel her panties off, before she resumes her rear view assault on her pussy and clit. When Karla eventually strips completely, she lies back on her bed and selects the pink g-spot vibe as her toy of choice. She buzzes her clit with it ... she inserts it into her vagina and she does all of this doggy style too! Nice view of her anus twitching in response to her prolonged stimulation! The vibe does the job, and Karla as an ass puckering orgasm! She rolls over onto her back again, looking very pleased with herself once again!

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