Filipina Trike Patrol Volume 12

Released at: November 17, 2011 by Globe Twatters
Let's get this straight: Wherever there's a cute Filipina in need of a lift, Trike Patrol is going to be there. If there is one thing we hate to see more than anything else, it's a sexy Pinay babe going rideless. No one should have to go without a ride, especially not these hot little Asian chicks. So for the 12th time around now, we have provided the selfless public service of giving 3-wheeled transport to wayward Filipinas who've missed their commutes. But there's a catch: We get to fuck the living shit out of their little mouths, pussies, and in some cases, asses, in return! The dark-skinned Venice, teenaged Sissi, hairy-snatched Lyn, ultra-cute Irish and anal-offering Chezka all learn one of life's simplest lessons in our 12th edition of high speed high jinks: Nobody rides for FREE!

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