Final Girl, The

Released at: June 20, 2017 by Breaking Glass Pictures
Set in the forgotten side streets, apartments and hotel rooms of Paris, this sultry mystery follows three women paths converge around a vanished fourth named Leena. There's Leena's former renter, the sex worker who now occupies her room, and a spurned, older lover. Each woman seems caught in an emotional state of suspended animation as they all struggle to understand exactly what happened to the elusive woman who has brought them together. ~~The Final Girl~~ is an eerie and captivating journey through the psyches of lost woman whose momentary glances and subtle gestures reveal more about them than the words they speak. Combining raw documentary footage of the French capital, cryptic dialogue, and atmosphere music, director Todd Verow seduces viewers, leaving them just as intrigued by the enigma of Leena as the film's main characters. Like the best films of David Lynch or the French New Wave, Verow's nightmarish vision lingers long after the credits roll.

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