Florida Muscle Foxes

Released at: May 19, 2015 by Iron Belles
These two powerhouse females meet up for the first time at an airport and they're simply excited to be in each other's presence. The Foxx goes to the airport to pick up Carmella and take her home to introduce her to Florida's hot sun. They sunbathe at poolside, then play and pose in the pool topless. Then it's to the hotel for checkin and more video shooting. The girls have a relaxing smoke on their balcony overlooking the marina, then go inside for muscle worship and play. They tape measure each others' muscles, pose and flex and touch each other, foot worship, then they strip down and do some bed play, at which time Carmella's alter-ego shows up to satisfy and please the Foxx. Muscle Foxx then reciprocates for her and guys this is REAL...no faking here! Winding up the video, the girls take a relaxing jacuzzi. If you want real thick muscle and great bods and attitudes, this is the video for you!

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