Fresh AssWhores

Released at: June 23, 2004 by Fatt Entertainment
Every girl in this feature gets her ass wrecked! A fresh batch of Fress Ass Whores has newly arrived and it features some of the most craven, lustful feminine beauties caught on film; Victoria Givens, Fiona Cheeks, Jessica Darling, and Tiffany Tease go all out anal! Victoria Givens - First she swallows every throbbing inch of a hard shaft until she can't wait anymore. She climbs on top and takes that meatstick deep into her tight, dark hole! Then she squirts tasty pussy juice everywhere! Fiona Cheeks - Fiona's into dick...UP HER ASS! This raunchy redhead spreads her cheeks and begs for a good anal pumping. With her ass in the air you get a clear view of this dick sliding in and out of your favorite hole! Then she eats his jizz shot! Jessica Darling - The raunch continues with this smoking hot blonde! Perfect tits and a mouth that gets prettier the more dick she can shove into it. Her ass and pussy get filled and probed and she uses cum like face cream! Tiffany Tease - She doesn't care what hole Mr. Marcus is screwing as long as it's hers. He fills her mouth with his black cock, pummels her wet box and reams her ass! Then she opens her mouth for his warm creamy load!

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