Ginger Jolie - Lingerie & Panty

Released at: May 8, 2007 by Playtime Video
Wow! This Super Sexy Wet dream Goddess holds nothing back! Non-Stop Verbal Head Games! 4 Scenes, Corset with Stockings, Naughty Schoolgirl, Cute Girly Panties, Under the Sun! Love Doll, Panty Video Addiction, Mean, Dirty & Power J/O Talk! POV! Lots of perfect Panty Crotch Views! This One Understands, She wants you to squirt it for her ALL the TIME!!! She Asks "So How Many Times did you CUM for me?" Super sexy Ginger Jolie has a few questions for you. Do you like stockings? Lingerie? Panties? If you say yes, you will jack off to this video as Ginger shows you all white lingerie and white lace thong panties. "I bet you're already jacking off!" she purrs as she pumps her fist at you. She stands above you and bends for you. She slides off her white high-heel sandals and tells you to come all over her silken feet before she slides off her bustier as her huge 36D natural tits swing free while she holds the camera. "You're such a creep!" she exclaims as she seems disgusted in your perversion. Off come her panties as she rubs them on her trimmed pussy. Next, in her naughty schoolgirl outfit complete with black nylon thigh-highs and black silk thong panties. "Bet you want to bend me over and spank me!" as she shows off her panties. She takes off her blouse and skirt to expose her hot black bra and panties as she again stands over you. Plenty more fist pumping as she points at her panty covered crotch needing your come right there. The panties get stripped down as she also rubs these against her sweet slit. She counts down when you are allowed to come. 3rd scene, in cute powder blue print bikini panties and cotton ankle socks, Ginger continues to tease. "You'll never get to fuck me" she says. She pushes her cotton-covered crotch into your face since she knows you love that as she holds the camera asking you about your blowup doll. She strips and opens her shapely legs and gives you every angle of her naked body. 4th scene, Ginger models out by her pool in only pink thigh highs, white silk thong panties that she tugs up tight onto her snatch. She bends, tugs and strokes to get you off one more time before stripping off the panties and pumps her fist at you. Hot! Live Sound. Full Nudity.

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